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For all tourists and businessmen visiting Macedonia
International VIP Service DOOEL Skopje,Rent-a-car
offers vehicle leases in best prices for daily,wekly,as
well as for a long term lease.
Togeter with a usual car lease,International VIP Service Skopje
offers services such as rental of a venikle together with driver,
for transport in Skopje,as well as to Ohrid and all over Macedonia and to the neighboring countries-
SerbiA,Bulgarija and Greece.
Inernational VIP Service Skopje also offers vehicles with experienced drivers for VIP clients,
and long-term contraks on vehicle lease for companies,agencies,hotels.
If you interested in the services provided by
Internacional VIP Service Skopje - vehicle leases please contact us on the following e-mail address:

e - mail tonivipservis@yahoo.com

tel : +38975650666 Biljana manager
tel: +38971609506 ( Viber )
tel: 0038977433138 ( Viber )

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