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dual cv-120
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21.03.2021 12:43

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From its establishment until the early 60’s, that’s for more than 30 years, Dual has only activated on the audio market as a gramophone and turntables maker. Since 1963, they begun to manufacture other audio components also. The first speakers were Dual CL1 and CL2, with one and two ways respectively. The first amplifier, Dual CV1, is built with tubes, two ECL86. Its follower, CV2 (1964), has transistors (germanium). Some of the other Dual amplifiers are: CV3, CV4, CV12, CV40, CV80, CV120 etc.
At first, Dual amplifiers were aimed to entry/medium levels of audio market. The first model to move into a superior performance class is the CV80 (1969, 698DM), built on the platform of younger brother, CV40 (1968). Further on, based on CV80 platform, CV120, CV121, CV240 were developed.
This article is a “thank you” message for all the German web pages and audio forums that helped me find so many useful information about German vintage audio equipment.

So, the amplifier we are going to talk about is Dual CV120.

Technical data:
Dual CV120
Made by Dual, St. Georgen/Schwarzwald, Germany
DIN 45 500
Continuous power output: 2 x 40 watt, 4Ω
Music power: 2 x 60 watt, 4 Ω
Dimensions: 420 x 108 x 335mm
Weight: 7.9kg
Price in the first year of sale: 748.00 DM

Категорија: ТВ, Видео, Фото и Мултимедија / Hi-Fi / Аудио / Појачало/Засилувачи

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