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Seagate 2TB BlackArmor WS 110 External Hard Drive
80 €
06.09.2019 15:18

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Seagate 2TB BlackArmor WS 110 External Hard Drive

Seagate WS 110
USB 2.0
SafetyDrill+ Recovery Software
Automatic Backup
Data Encryption
Windows Compatibility
The 2TB BlackArmor WS 110 External Hard Drive from Seagate is a desktop hard drive bundled with business-grade software. The drive can connect via the ubiquitous USB 2.0 interface or via high-performance eSATA. The spacious drive can be used for full system backup, facilitated by the preloaded BlackArmor Backup software, complete with AES 256-bit government-grade data encryption.

The included SafetyDrill+ recovery software will help you to recover files that were accidentally deleted or lost due to system crashes. The software also includes the Try & Decide feature. You can use this to create a temporary workspace on your computer, allowing you to test a new program or change system settings without the fear of losing data or corrupting your system. You can opt to keep your changes or to simply throw them out and revert to your system's previous state.
Connects via eSATA or USB 2.0
Automatic backup software supports incremental and full-system modes
Can backup open files, ensuring that all of your data is protected
Includes SafetyDrill+ data recovery software
Supports file and folder-level encryption for backed up data
Uses the same software suite as other BlackArmor products, simplifying installation and management
Uses a high-quality Seagate hard drive
Works with Windows XP and Vista
Can lie flat or stand vertically

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