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25.05.2020 23:46

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USA based Trucking Company is looking for a dispatcher to join our team. Previous EXPERIENCE in transportation and logistics is preferred. 

- Booking loads
- Ensure loads are picked up and delivered on time
- Schedule pickups and deliveries as needed
- Communicate with drivers throughout the load transit to build good relationship
- Resolve problems
- Miscellaneous Data Entry
- Comply with all D.O.T. and company regulations
- Make sure Hours Of Service are being observed and drivers are in compliance
- Plan effectively 
- Identify, document and communicate issues with drivers and follow-up with Safety for further actions and resolution
- Communication ethics with customers over the telephone and e-mails
- Build and maintain, long-term customer relationships by handling their questions and concerns with a sense of urgency and professionalism
- Perform additional, reasonable assignments as required by the company


- Excellent computer skills
- Excellent English (Spanish is a plus)
- Excellent communication, leadership and negotiation skills
- Ability to work in fast and dynamic environment
- Ability to multitask- Knowledge of McLeod software is a plus

• TBD based on previous experience and skills

Applicants should respond with cover letter, resume, references, and salary requirements via email ND@innfinitylogistics.com

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