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NOVO mini-ITX Kukjishte RGEEK L80S komplet so 150W PSU
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19.03.2022 17:06

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RGEEK L80S (Top Cover with Holes) Mini-ITX Aluminium Computer Case:


Model: RGEEK L80S

Material: Aluminum (Thickness 3.5mm)​​

Motherboard: Support mini-ITX Motherboard (17cm x 17cm)

1. M/B Radiator Height Under 36mm, Install 1*3.5" HDD
2. M/B Radiator Height Under 52mm, Install 2*2.5" HDD

USB Ports: 2*USB 3.0

Power Supply: 150W

Fan: Support 2*5010 fan

Dimension: 197mm*197mm*80mm

Color: Black

About this item:

Made of high-quality aluminum alloy, super-thick sheet, up to 3.5mm.
Surface frosting treatment, first-class quality.
Made of all-aluminum alloy, the frame is integrated and perfect for heat dissipation.
The heightening design, compared to the L65, is 80mm high and can be installed with a higher fan for better compatibility.
Designed for the ITX motherboard (170*170mm).


RGEEK 24pin PSU 12V DC Input 150W Peak Output Switch DC-DC ATX Pico PSU Mini ITX PC Power

Brand: RGEEK
Connector type: 24_pin_atx
Type of product: mini-ITX, ATX
Wattage: 150 Watts
Item Dimensions: LxWxH (3 x 3 x 0.5 inches)

About this item:

150 Watt Output 12 Volt DC Input
DC input connector: 2.5mm inner diameters, 5.5mm outer diameter
Short-circuit protection: output shut down when short-circuit
24 pin ATX connector, Plugs directly into the ATX connector
Perfect DC PSU for mini ITX Motherboards


RGEEK 150W Power Adapter:


Категорија: Компјутери / Делови за Компјутери и додатоци / Куќишта

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