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ORICO Wireless USB Bluetooth Adapter 4.0
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18.05.2022 23:59

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ORICO Wireless USB Bluetooth Adapter 4.0 Bluetooth Dongle Audio Receiver Adapter Bluetooth Transmitter for Computer PC Speaker


* ORICO Bluetooth 4.0 USB Micro Adapter Dongle Achieved with CSR8510 Low Energy Controller fully Content with Bluetooth 4.0 Specification. Adopts CSR8510 original chip which is stable and low-power consumption, enables good performance.

* Strong and stable signal 20M long distance transmission

* Wireless transmission,no internet connection,more efficient,it support Desktop,Laptop,Tablet,Bluetooth keyboard,mouse,headset,speaker,printer("Do not support Apple device for transferring files and audio),Compatible Operating Systems(Windows XP,2003,Vista,7,2008 and Windows 8 32 or 64 Bit )

* 3Mbps transmission speed,provide high-speed file/audio,24-Bit CRC Verification & Adaptive Frequency Hopping(AFH) Enabled allow a Reliable Connection up to 3Mbps and 100 Metre (Peer to Peer) with any Bluetooth Enabled Cell Phone,Tablet,Speaker,Headset or Headphone,Mice and Keyboard

* Real Bluetooth4.0 standards,Advanced Audio Processing Exclusive for Bluetooth 4.0 Voice Quality Enhancing allow to Process AAC Audio Losslessly as well as Process MP3,WAV,APE or FLAC.Backwards compatible with Bluetooth2.0,2.1 and 3.0,Suitable for USB2.0 interface, mini and portable

Категорија: Компјутери / Делови за Компјутери и додатоци / USB Производи и Мемориски Картички

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