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Windows 10 Pro Licenci
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16.04.2021 23:03

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Windows 10 Pro is ideal for small business owners or people who need enhanced security and functionality. It’s a good choice for small- to medium- sized businesses with little or no technical support who want to protect their data and have remote access and control of devices.

Consider whether you need the following features, such as:

Cloud security support
Enhanced productivity features and apps
Remote access to a device
Extra data control protection
Ability to connect to a corporate or school network
If you do, Windows 10 Pro might be the best choice for you. Windows 10 Pro offers enhanced security protection and device management for companies with limited or no IT department. Let’s explore some of the features.

Flexible management
Windows 10 Pro has all the features of Windows 10 Home and more device management options. You’ll be able to manage devices that have Windows 10 using online or on-site device management services.. Manage your company’s devices with the Pro edition over the internet and across Microsoft services. If you need a dedicated device, like a kiosk, you can lock specific apps for increased productivity and security once you set up a Shared Device.

If you need to access your files, documents, and programs remotely, install Windows 10 Pro on your device. Once you’ve set it up, you’ll be able to connect to it using Remote Desktop from another Windows 10 PC.

As a note, Windows 10 Pro allows you to use the cloud to manage user experiences and automatically upgrade all your company’s devices from one version of Windows 10 to another.

Windows 10 Pro features enhanced built-in security that protects your business data. Prevent unwanted access to the computer long before sign-in when you use BitLocker or BitLocker to go. Use Windows Hello for Business to sign in to Windows, Office, and other Microsoft services without a password.

If you set up a local intranet for your business, you and your employees need Windows 10 Pro edition to access your secure network. Only authorized users will be able to sign in and you’ll protect any sensitive files that your business has.

Windows 10 Pro has the following system requirements:

1 gigahertz (GHz) processor or faster
Up to 20 gigabytes (GB) of available hard disk space
1 GB of RAM for 32-bit, 2 GB for 64-bit
Required video card: 800 x 600 screen resolution or higher. DirectX® 9-compatible graphics processor with WDDM driver
Internet access

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