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Microsoft Office PRO 2019 PLUS
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19.10.2021 22:20

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32/64 bit

Applications Included

Word 2019
Compared to the classic Word version for document management, handwriting has been improved with better character recognition when using a pen on the screen.

Through SVG graphics, images imported into text documents reduce memory usage. Also, they are processed with better accuracy in size and aspect ratio.

Excel 2019
For more functional and efficient tables, specifications were introduced to create financial tables, data organization for the tax return, and new mathematical functions. The compatibility with CSV files is excellent.

Powerpoint 2019
To create the best presentations, it is now possible to insert Ultra HD images and resize them directly in PowerPoint with no need to use other software.

Access 2019
Essential for professionals, databases are lighter, simple to create, and easier to coordinate and synchronize.

Outlook 2019
This version of Outlook allows the creation and management of multiple mail accounts on the same device.

With Office 2019 Plus, OneNote is available for free download from the Windows store.

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