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Mini Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad & backlight - Novi
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08.08.2022 15:47

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Mini Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad & backlight

Mini 2.4GHz 3-color Backlight Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad is a highly unique keyboard with user-friendly design and perfect performance. It is particularly designed with 3-color backlit, which emits soft and mild light while using the keyboard. Thanks to its humanized design, it brings little hands fatigue to you. The wireless style makes the keyboard easier to use. What's more, it is designed with built-in touchpad for convenient operation. Well, don't you find it a perfect item for daily playing?

• Air Fly Mouse Remote Control
• Space-saving design, top-grade beautiful appearance
• Compact size, humanized design, excellent hand feel
• Delicate appearance, large comfortable palm rest, effectively reduce hand fatigue
• Special three colors LED backlight, every backlight has four gears to adjust, revealing its elegant and humiliation
• LED backlight to make it convenient for usage at night and it is energy saving
• Built with touchpad
• Transmit Range: up to 10 Meters
• Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium Batter Charging Type: USB

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