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Prodavam Roland MC 303 GrooveBox Synthesizer-Sound Module
15.000 МКД
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19.09.2022 22:24

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Prodavam Roland MC 303 groovebox , sound module with a sequencer (Synthesizer/Sound Module)
Informacii mob. 070646471 i na Viber
The key features of the MC-303 are:
* Sound generator with 28 note - voice polyphony based on the structure model of Roland JV-80 synthesizer
* 8-track sequencer containing multiple quantize functions: Grid, Shuffle, and Groove. (7 pitched instruments and 1 drum kit)
* 16-part multitimbral
* 448 preset sounds and 12 drum kits (includes the Roland CR-78, TR-808, TR-606 & TR-909, electro, techno, jungle, house, drum & bass, breakbeat), 40 synth basses (TB-303, etc.), 35 synth leads, 33 synth pads
* Resonant filter, LFO, envelope control and built-in effects: delay, reverb, flanger and chorus
* Realtime Phrase Sequencer (RPS) for instant recall of musical phrases
* Low Boost Knob feature (Back panel, Only on the Roland MC-303): allowing you to dial in as much low-end as it takes to create powerful Kick or TR-808 Bass sounds so that anyone can 'feel' the groove.
* 300 onboard dance music variation patterns such as drumbeats and basslines
* Recording length of up to 32 bars per pattern
* Instant storage of up to 50 user patterns, 300 pattern variations and 10 songs
* Storage space for up to approximately 14,000 notes
* MIDI in and out connections (but no MIDI thru)

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