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Fischer RC4 Curv 120 Vacuum Full Fit 2018
339 €
09.05.2022 10:02

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Product Details
Fit - Last: 97 mm – A narrow lasted boot designed for those with lower volume feet

Connected Fit – Outstanding anatomic fit

Flex - Flex: 120 – Expert level flex with enough mobility for backcountry and powder versatility

Liner - Thermoshape AFZ Curv Liner – Heat moldable with Active Fit Zones, designed to support the foot in three defined function zones.

Flex Zone – Elastic transition points between the hard and soft zones in the liner ensure perfect fit and strong skiing performance

Comfort Zone – Cushioning material with high insulation value keeps the forefoot and toebox warm and comfortable

Power Zone – Anatomic frame with thicker and denser material surrounds the ankle area for optimal power transfer

100% Seamless Tongue

Shell Materials & Design
Thermoformable Aramid For Constant Flex Behavior

Stance - RC4 Curv – The shell's ergonomic design positions the foot properly for stability, control and power transfer.

SOMA-TEC® – Boots are built to allow the feet to splay out slightly rather than being forced to stay parallel. This allows the knee joints to track more naturally and smoothly, as well as distributing the skier's weight more accurately along the center axis of the ski.

Buckles - RC4 Curv Buckle Set – Aluminum Adjustable RC4 Buckles

Power Strap - Curv Buckle Strap

Sole - ISO 5355 Alpine Grip Soles Installed – Walking contact areas are made of a softer plastic for better traction and more comfort while walking.

GripWalk rockered traction soles available separately

Категорија: Спортска опрема и активности / Зимски спортови – Скијање / Чевли

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