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Full Height Turnstile - Pesacka Bariera
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Tripod Turnstiles Systems
Tripods are three-armed turnstile systems. Tripod turnstile systems which are made of stainless steel have been manufactured for indoor and outdoor waterproof use. Shock absorbers are used in AVAX tripod turnstile systems. When the turnstile arm is passed fastly, the absorber allows the turnstile to complete its rotating at a constant speed. The kernel ( center point ) mechanism of the turnstiles which are manufactured from casting will not have arm cavities depending on the time period of being used.

Speed Gate Turnstiles Systems
Speed Gate turnstile systems are used where intensive use and aesthetics are needed. These turnstiles have single and double models, their wings are made of glass or plexy. Speed Gate turnstile systems allow a clear transition area by opening the wings to the right and left when the passing is authorized. Ideal for use in municipalities, plazas, business centers, hospitals, universities, public institutions, dormitories, schools and gyms.
While passingfrom speed gate turnstile systems, light warnings are available for the direction of transition and they do not close themselves during the transition by means of smart wings. These turnstiles can be also used remote control or button control as well as with fingerprint, face recognition system and card systems.

Full-Height Turnstiles Systems.
Fullheight turnstile systems are manufactured as longer than human height and with a cage up to the need and to prevent intrusion from the top or bottom side of the standard turnstiles. The rotary mechanism inside of it can be produced with three arms and four arms. Ideal for use in stadiums, sports centers, criminal and detention houses, military areas and high security places.
Full-Height turnstile systems can be used as stainless steel for outdoor use, and as electro-static dyed for indoor use. In case of fire, earthquakes, natural disasters and emergencies, the arm will automatically start running idle and allow speed pass. It works without noise and softly with its original design.

Turnstile systems are used in every field and the main areas of use are;
1. Plaza and building entrance & exit turnstile systems
2. Personnel Attendance turnstile systems
3. Student tracking turnstile systems
4. Cafeteria turnstile systems
5. Gym turnstile systems
6. Member tracking turnstile systems
7. Stadium entrance turnstile systems
8. Prison and detention house turnstile systems
9. Toilet turnstile systems
10. Exhibition turnstile systems

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