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onkyo cr-l5 & onkyo d-s7gx
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The Onkyo CR L5 Lifestyle system is the best yet from Onkyo, stylish and built with a silver finish and with some very advanced features…
Onkyo's CR-L5 CD Receiver will impress even the most particular stereophile or music lover. Enliven Any Room with elegant style and crisp, clear sound. Bundling outstanding Onkyo technological features like WRAT (Wide Range Amplifier Technology) and VLSC (Vector Linear Shaping Circuitry) makes it possible to provide a signal so clean that even the smoothest of sounds can transform your room. In Onkyo's approach, we don't take the low-cost route that others do. As a prime example, our discrete output stage circuitry improves cooling, as well as ensuring reliability and guaranteeing a superior sound.

The Onkyo CR L5 Lifestyle system is the best yet from Onkyo, stylish and built with a silver finish and with some very advanced features. It visually complements any interior space and fills it with a richness of sound that is rare in systems of this class. This system consists of CD player which will also play CD-R/RW discs, 50 watts per channel amplifier, and AM/FM RDS tuner with full system remote control. The CR-L5 uses a battery-less memory backup system in order to retain radio presets and other settings when it's unplugged or in the case of a power failure.

Despite its compact size, the Onkyo CRL5 provides a hefty yet stable power output of 50 watts per channel. This is more than enough to drive the speakers and let you enjoy the superior sound quality of a wide variety of musical recordings. With 192kHz/24-bit digital to analogue converters on all channels - which offer much higher resolution than the incoming signals they are handling - you can be assured of excellent audio playback as well as some serious power.

The tuner section also provides a remarkable 3-Mode timer (Weekday, Weekend, and Sleep). You can use the timers to wake yourself up, turn off after you sleep, or record while you're away. With its 40-station AM/FM Pre-set Memory Tuning and Radio Text with RDS function which makes this tuner easy to use, well featured and extremely proficient.

The CD player is well featured and includes a high-quality D/A converter that effectively removes distortion from high frequencies to give you a cleaner, more detailed sound compared with other models of this class. The Onkyo CRL5 provides Optical and coaxial digital outputs to enable you to make direct digital recordings.
Product Specifications
Dimensions (HxWxD) in mm
Brushed Aluminium
CD Formats
Number of Disc's
Rated output power
50 Watts per channel
FM Tuning Range
87.5MHz to 108.0MHz
3 Mode Timer
AM Pre-Sets
20 AM Pre sets
FM Pre-Sets
20 FM Pre sets
AM Tuning Range
522kHz to 1611KHz
onkyo d-s7gx
Woofer 12 cm A-OMF

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