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Pigtronix Fat Drive - overdrive pedala
5.000 МКД
28.03.2023 15:44

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Продавам Pigtronix Fat Drive во супер состојба. Одлична овердрајв / фаз педала. Педалата може да се проба, или да ја испратам по карго. Без замени!

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Pigtronix FAT Drive Overdrive Pedal Features:
- 100% analog overdrive pedal which gives you an insanely wide range of tube style tone
- Multiple cascading gain stages create a true tube-amp-style clipping effect
- Hi/Lo gain switch lets you select between two distinct gain structures, completely re-voicing the overdrive effect
- Passive lowpass tone control lets you roll off highs to free up bandwidth for heavy-hitting lows
- True-bypass switching preserves your tone when disengaged
- 18VDC 300mA supply included for maximum headroom, but the pedal will work with standard 9VDC power supplies
- Circuit Design by Howard Davis
- Sound Design by David Koltai
- Proudly made in the USA

Категорија: Музички инструменти и опрема / Опрема за музички инструменти / Останато

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