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Sony World Band Receiver ICF-SW77
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16.05.2022 18:37

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Odlicno radio za kolekcioneri i ljubiteli na kvaliteni radija.

Ova e vrvniot model na Sony radijata.

FM Stereo/LW/MW/SW
Dual Conversion

A short wave radio which enabled people to catch up-to-the minute overseas news. This radio enabled users to search radio stations by name (alphabetically). By presetting the stations, all one needed was to press the preset, and the radio would automatically adjust and take into consideration the time change.

The Sony ICF-SW77 was the last large world receiver built by Sony, which is really too bad. As the direct successor of the Sony ICF-2001D, the SW77 had to face many comparative tests. Sometimes, the SW77 was better, sometimes the 2001D. The SW77's range is from 150kHz to 30'000 kHz in AM, AM synchronous and SSB. There is also FM from 87,5 MHz to 108 MHz, in stereo when using headphones. When tuning shortwave frequencies manually, step widths from 1kHz to 50Hz are available. The radio has 162 alphanumeric memories. On the side, there is a jack for external antennas and a line-out. Of course, there is a timer, alarm clock, and other features.

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Kontakt: 071-592-066


Категорија: ТВ, Видео, Фото и Мултимедија / Hi-Fi / Аудио / Радио ресивери

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